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Notre équipe

Notre équipe

Notre équipe
Notre équipe

Tenez-vous prêts à vivre la passionnante mission d'enseigner l'anglais aux plus petits.

Notre priorité est de trouver les personnes qui sauront enseigner et motiver les enfants à apprendre l'anglais, qui connecteront avec eux et feront preuve d'empathie envers les plus petits.

Une grande maîtrise de l'anglais, dynamisme, professionnalisme, empathie et une motivation majeure pour leur travail. Telles sont les principales caractéristiques de notre équipe de professeurs.

Permettez-nous de vous les présenter :

  • Flora


    Hello, my name is Flora and I’m half English half American, born and raised in Rome. I grew up immersed in music, as a violinist, and later became fascinated by language and began writing poetry. I attended university in the Netherlands where I studied Philosophy and completed an MA in Conflict Studies and Human Rights. These experiences led me to Kenya, where I worked as a research assistant. There, I also experienced the unbridled curiosity and imagination of children and became passionate about learning new languages and teaching English. I obtained my CELTA certificate and became an English teacher in 2019. Since then, I’ve taught in England, the Netherlands, Italy and now Belgium! It is incredibly rewarding to support and strengthen students’ growth and learning and I’m very excited to be a teacher at Kids&Us Jourdan and to be part of a creative, dynamic and engaging method of English teaching!

  • François


    My name is François. I was raised trilingual as a Third Culture Kid (TCK) living my childhood and part of my adult life around the world, in particular in some English speaking countries such as the USA (New York, Washington DC & Miami) and Canada (Toronto). I have been working as an English teacher for children in Brussels since 2007 and with Kids & Us since 2018. I know first hand how effective it is to expose children to a new language, as their brains are perfectly designed to acquire such skill effortlessly. All one needs it to keep them engaged and allow them to have fun in the process. I am really seduced by the Kids & Us methodology as it really captures this special moment in a child's mental development and it is an honor (as well as a lot of fun!) for me to be one of the lucky teachers delivering this innovative pedagogical method here in Belgium at Kids & Us Jourdan.

  • Noah


    Hello, my name is Noah and I was born and raised in San Diego, California. I moved to Belgium 3 years ago to begin my university education in audio engineering and quickly fell into teaching - first in music production and now English at Kids&Us! I took extensive courses in the United States in English literature and always had an interest in writing short stories. I've always enjoyed entertaining and spending time with children, and now at Kids&Us I have found a way to do that on a regular basis teaching them my maternal language - something I find really rewarding and fun. Things I do on the side : I make music, I like drawing (not that I'm any good), and am starting to learn how to cook.

  • Irene (coordinatrice)

    Irene (coordinatrice)

    Hello, my name is Irene and I am the coordinator of Kids&Us Jourdan. I come from Greece, but I’m bilingual in English and Greek. I studied to be an English teacher and I obtained my Master’s degree from Cardiff University in the UK. As I love researching and learning new things, I then moved on to pursuing a PhD in Critical and Cultural Studies. I have been an English teacher for 18 years now, but Kids&Us is the school where I enjoy teaching the most! I have taught with the traditional method for 2 years at Kids&Us Jourdan, where I am also a pedagogical coordinator, as well as for 4 years at Kids&Us Wemmel. I love living and teaching in Belgium, and I really enjoy travelling, reading literature and watching a good film from time to time.

  • Arielle


    Hello, my name is Arielle and I am so excited to be part of the Kids&Us team! I’m from the English speaking part of Canada. Recently, I’ve been living in Europe; I even decided to do my Master’s in Global Studies at Gothenburg University in Sweden. No matter what, I always returned to my passion for teaching English, which I did in Spain, Sweden and now, Belgium. After helping at the Kids&Us summer camp, I saw how the methodology really works and how much fun it is. I’m grateful that I can be a part of a student’s learning experience throughout the year. In my spare time I love to dance! If there is an opportunity to dress up, I am the first one to be in full costume, holding silly props and wearing makeup. It is so much fun to play a character and explore your limitless creativity!

  • Alex


    Hello! My name is Alexandre, but you can call me Alex. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Translation and Interpretation in English, Russian and Chinese, and I am currently following a master’s degree in professional interpretation in English and Russian. I discovered Kids&Us Jourdan 3 years ago and have been teaching there ever since, deeply convinced that the teaching method is very effective, as it replicates the way one learns his mother tongue. On top of that, I have always loved both languages and teaching, and working here allows me to combine these passions, which I wish to pass on to children. Kids&Us offers the opportunity for children to learn English while having fun, and I am glad to be a part of that important process.

  • Zula


    Hello, my name is Zula and I'm from Poland. I've studied developemental psychology and English language in France and Belgium. I've always wanted to work with kids and am very happy to enjoy my 3rd year as a teacher at Kids&Us. Thanks to our unique method I'm able to work and teach kids and babies of all ages, to see them grow, learn and develop their linguistical skills. My approach as a teacher is simple: I try to create a welcoming and positive atmosphere for the kids and make them fall in love with English and the idea of learning and discovering more each lesson.

  • Vincent


    Après avoir travaillé douze ans dans le secteur financier tant en Belgique qu’à l’étranger et passé cinq années en Chine, lors de mon retour en Belgique en 2013, un ami d’enfance m’a contacté pour me parler d’un projet qu’il a lancé en 2012 en Belgique, à savoir Kids&Us. Il me propose de donner un coup de main de temps à autres. Très vite, je suis non seulement séduit mais aussi convaincu par l’efficacité de la méthode d’enseignement de l’anglais par Kids&Us dès le premier âge. J’ai eu la chance de pouvoir ouvrir l’école Kids&Us de Wemmel en 2014 et de participer à plusieurs projets du groupe. En 2017, j’ai décidé d’ouvrir un centre Kids&Us à Etterbeek. Ce travail est très riche en contacts avec les enfants, les parents et les professeurs. C’est également un projet épanouissant, porteur et plein de sens. En effet, ayant beaucoup voyagé, vécu à l’étranger, je suis conscient de l’importance des langues dans le monde actuel. Alors quelle joie que de pouvoir donner cette possibilité aux parents et à leurs enfants dans un super environnement et avec une méthode qui a fait ses preuves et continue de se développer depuis 15 ans déjà.

  • Silvia


    Hello, My name is Silvia. I grew up in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. (USA) I graduated from George Mason University (Virginia, USA) with a degree in Communications, specifically Intercultural Communication. I also speak Spanish. I arrived in Belgium 2 years ago. My spouse is a diplomat. I have been teaching English in Brussels since 2020. In the United States I was a consultant working with a variety of international organizations. I love discovering new places, cuisines, and cultures. I have been fortunate to travel through South America and most of Europe. Besides my love of travel and meeting new people I enjoy drawing abstract calligraphy and building my eclectic playlist of music.

  • Lourdes (directrice)

    Lourdes (directrice)

    Hi, my name is Lourdes, and I am the school director of Kids&Us Jourdan. I have always been passionate about education, a field in which I have been working for 12 years now. Three years ago, I had the chance to discover the amazing world of Kids&Us and I immediately fell in love with its methodology. First, I started working as a teacher and I can honestly say that our students learn the language in a natural way. They also have lots of fun when they come to our school and all of that is thanks to our incredible team of teachers.

  • Ever


    Hello, this is Everaldo but you can call me Ever. I come from Colombia and this is my third year at Kids & Us. I have always been passionate about learning and sharing my knowledge with others. That's why I ended up becoming a teacher. As for my studies, I majored in Education and Languages, I am a CELTA certified English teacher and I hold a master's degree in Linguistics and Literary Studies. I have been able to teach overseas for quite a while and I am happy to have influenced the lives of many people of all ages in countries such as Colombia, Venezuela, Jamaica, China and now Belgium. I love to see my students making progress and succeeding; which makes me feel very proud of myself and what I do. I am a music lover, I love listening to music and going to concerts. I also collaborate on a music blog where I write music reviews from time to time. On the other hand, I also enjoy cooking and trying new recipes that I find on YouTube. I am currently pursuing my second master's degree in Communication Studies and at the same time I've been learning Dutch for almost two years; I find this language really fascinating. I hope I can be fully fluent one day not so far in the future

  • Farah


    Hello! My name is Farah (fun fact : it translates to Joy in Arabic). I teach Tweens, Pam&Paul and Marcia. I’m from Morocco and came to Brussels a year ago to finish my studies and immediately fell in love with the city. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Information and Communication and I’m currently doing my master’s in Corporate Communication and Marketing. I also speak English, French and Arabic and hold 2 perfect score TOEFLs as well as the DALF C2. In my spare time, I love to dance but also sing, be in my apartment while doing my everyday chores or with my close friends. After coming across Kids&Us and doing the summer camps, I discovered a newly found love for teaching and instantly concurred with the innovative and creative teaching method they instill. This unique and effective approach enables students to learn English in an elevated level while still having fun! I’m so excited to take part in the Kids&Us methodology and witness the creativity and learning growth of my students at Kids&Us Jourdan

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